Pre and Post Trip Inspections

Vehicle Walkaround (ELDT B-A)

Is there a proper way to perform a vehicle walkaround inspection?  Be sure to check the requirements of your state for performing walkaround inspections. In some states, the driver is expected to perform the walkaround inspection sequence beginning on the left side of the vehicle, to the rear and then up the right side. This is done so the …

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Interior System Inspections (ELDT B-A)

What are some in-cab items a driver should inspect?  Drivers should check the vehicle’s heat/air conditioner, defroster, fan, horn, interior lights, turn signals, high beam indicator, windshield wipers and washer fluid, dash lights, hazard lights, and the tilting telescopic steering wheel, vehicle paperwork, spare fuses, accident reporting kit, reflective triangles and fire extinguisher.  

Coupling Inspection (ELDT B-A)

How would I perform a proper coupling inspection?  Before you hook up to the trailer inspect the fifth wheel plate for cracks and be sure it is properly greased. The fifth wheel assembly should be bolted to the frame with no missing or loose hardware. The trailer apron cannot be bent or cracked, and the kingpin must be straight.  After you hooked up to the trailer, visually inspect from …

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Lighting Devices, Reflectors, and Horn (ELDT B-A)

Does a driver have to check the vehicle’s lights, reflectors and horn during the vehicle inspection?  The vehicle’s lighting system, reflectors and horn are part of a driver’s communication system when driving on any public highway or local roadways. Communicating your presence with proper working lighting, and horns are vital to your safety and others.   

Steering System Inspection (ELDT B-A)

What are things to look for when inspecting the steering system?   Steering System failure can cause control problems for the driver and potentially could be a dangerous situation. The driver should check that the steering shaft is straight, and doesn’t have more than 10 degrees free-play. Check that the U-joints are tight and greased. The steering gear box should be properly mounted to the …

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What to Look for During a Vehicle Inspection (ELDT B-A)

What is a driver looking for during a vehicle inspection?  A proper inspection can provide a driver with information about the truck. The driver is checking what systems and/or parts are not working properly. The driver is checking for missing, damaged or loose parts and hardware. Any parts or systems failing, starting to fail or malfunctioning.  How often should a driver look for fluid …

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Types of Vehicle Inspections (ELDT B-A)

What are the three (3) types of vehicle inspections?   Pre-Trip Inspection  En Route Inspection  Post-Trip Inspection  What is the difference between a pre-trip inspection, en-route inspection and a post-trip inspection?    A pre-trip inspection is a systematic parts and system check completed before each trip, including how the cargo is loaded/secured. A post-trip inspection is a thorough check of the rig …

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