Brakes (ELDT B-A)

Can any driver adjust the tractor-trailer brakes? No.  The driver must be certified to adjust brakes. Many tractors and trailers have self-adjusting slack adjusters or automatic slack adjusters. Drivers should learn what type of brakes their tractor and trailer have, and learn company protocol for adjusting. Brake slack should not exceed one inch of free-play.  …

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Air Reservoir Tanks (ELDT B-A)

How frequently should the air reservoir tanks be drained? Air tanks should be drained or bled regularly at the end of the driver’s shift. Draining the tanks down to 0 PSI will drain moisture and prevent it from going deeper into the air system. Park the vehicle on level ground, and open the drain at …

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Tires (ELDT B-A)

Should drivers change their own tires? Changing tires can be very dangerous, only skilled mechanics with the proper tools should change tires. Checking tire air pressure is a responsibility of the driver.  When preparing to check the tire air pressure, read the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire. Make sure …

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Batteries (ELDT B-A)

Do all batteries require upkeep? Not all batteries require maintenance.  Some are designed to be maintenance free, while others need to have the fluid level checked.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as safety goggles and gloves must be worn at all times. Do not smoke while checking battery fluid levels. To check the battery fluid …

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Air Filter (ELDT B-A)

What does a driver need to know about the truck’s air filter? Air filters protect the engine from contaminants such as dirt, dust and debris. Clean air filters allow for optimal airflow into the engine.  When an air filter is dirty it reduces the airflow and can lead to power loss and decreased fuel economy. …

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Power Steering (ELDT B-A)

Is there a proper way to check the power steering fluid level? Yes. When the engine is warm, turn the steering wheel back and forth multiple times to settle the power steering fluid level.  Shut the vehicle off.  If the reservoir is translucent, or has a sight glass check the level.  If the unit doesn’t …

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Coolant System (ELDT B-A)

How does a driver check the coolant level? Modern trucks are equipped with a transparent coolant reservoir, with fluid level lines on the side. Check the level when the engine is cool. Add coolant as needed, do not overfill.

Oil System (ELDT B-A)

What are the proper steps to check the truck oil level? Park the truck on flat ground, and turn off the engine. Let the vehicle rest for several minutes for the oil to settle. Pull the oil dipstick out, wipe it clean with a cloth, and reinsert it. Pull the dipstick out again, and check …

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Fuel System (ELDT B-A)

What is the recommended method for checking the fuel level? Park the vehicle on flat ground.Remove the fuel cap (gloves are recommended). As you are removing the cap, verify that it is secure with a metal safety chain, and has a rubber O-ring on the underside of the cap. Check the fuel level (a flashlight may …

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