General Knowledge

Distracted Driving

Your full attention to the driving task is necessary to reduce your chances of causing accidents that could result in injury, death or property damage. This module will teach you about different types of distractions and how to avoid them.

Skid Control

When your tires lose their grip on the road surface it causes a skid to happen. Learn the different causes for a skid as well as how to recover from a skid.

Hazard Awareness

A hazard is anything that makes a vehicle or road unsafe. Here you will learn about types of hazards and preparing for hazards. You should always be looking for hazards and know what to do for each situation.

Space Management

Another safety factor is the space around your vehicle. Larger vehicles take up more space and require more space for maneuvers. Knowing how to keep space around your vehicle gives you the time to understand situations and act in a calm, confident manner. This section will help you understand the space ahead, behind and to …

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Safety comes from being aware what is happening all around your vehicle. Accidents can be caused by not properly looking.

Speed Control

Excessive speed is a significant factor in accidents. You will learn the importance of adjusting your speed based on the following driving conditions: Weather Visibility Traffic Curves Terrain Traction


As a driver on a public road you have a responsibility following the usual and standard practices on the road. Part of this is communicating with other drivers on the road. Following certain practices for common events like passing, turning, or dangerous situations is essential for the safe operating of commercial vehicles.

Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS)

ABS is a computerized system that keeps your wheels from locking up during hard braking. Learn how they work, which vehicles require them; and proper use of ABS


Understanding the correct shifting of the gears while operating the vehicle is important to maintaining proper control. There are different types of transmissions which all of their own unique shifting requirements. Study your state CDL manual to understand the differences of the following different types. Manual Transmission Multi-speed Rear Axles and Auxiliary Transmissions Automatic Transmissions …

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Basic Control

The fundamental operations of a commercial vehicle requires proficient skill in controlling the speed and direction of the vehicle in these areas: Accelerating Steering Stopping Backing Safely The following questions will test you on your understanding of these concepts.

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