Permit Prep


It’s important to make a complete inspection of the electrical, fuel, and exhaust systems, tires, and cargo during your pre-trip inspection. Be sure to check that the fire extinguisher is charged. Follow correct safety procedures for fueling the vehicle, using brakes, handling flares, and other activities that can cause a fire.

Drugs & Alcohol

The rules applicable to controlled substances (including prescription drugs) and alcohol use and testing related to the operation of a CMV.


As a Commercial Truck Driver it is important to know the industry rules and regulations regarding cargo securement, which are ever changing.

Driving Emergencies

Emergencies can happen even if you are following all of the safety practices. Learn what actions to take in different situations to best avoid a crash.

Mountain Driving

Being prepared for driving in mountainous conditions is very important. Gravity is working against you, both on the way up, and on the way down. You will need to know how to adjust your speed for different grades (angles of descent) as well as proper braking techniques.

Railroad Crossings

Railroad crossing are a specific type of intersection where the train tracks cross the roadway. Learn the different types of crossings; warning signs; and proper procedures for approaching and crossing rail tracks.

Weather Conditions

Different types of weather will affect road conditions and visibility. Learn what to look for and how to drive in different conditions such as fog, winter (snow/ice), and extremely hot temperatures.

Night Driving

Driving in the dark introduces new factors that make driving more difficult at night than during the day. You should be prepared to mitigate these factors so you can operate your vehicle safely.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is operating a motor vehicle in a manner that has little or no regard for the safety of others. Familiarize yourself with what to do so you are not an aggressive driver and what to do if you find yourself confronted by one.


Accidents will happen and there are basic steps that should be taken. Learn what you need to do when it happens to you.

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