Non-Driving Responsibilities – Cargo Securement

What are examples of certain types of cargo that have specific securement requirements?

Logs and Poles
Metal Coils
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What are the types of devices used to secure freight?

Driver Using Tie Down
  • Tie-downs, such as ropes, straps, and chains
  • Blocking, such as installing blocks to prevent cargo movement
  • Bracing devices that keep freight stationary
  • Dunnage, or filler material used in empty spaces between cargo
  • Loading locking bars that are placed between trailer walls or ceiling to prevent cargo movement
  • Tarps or nets that usually cover open cargo

What is the “Minimum Working Load Limit” for cargo securement?

Cargo Strap

The working load limit (WLL) of any securement tie down device used to secure a cargo against movement must be at least one-half (1/2) times the weight of the cargo.

Is there a required number of cargo tie-downs for a load?

Tie Down Rules
  • Yes, cargo should have at least one tie-down for each 10 feet of cargo.
  • No matter how small the cargo is, there needs to be at least 2 tie-downs securing it.

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