CDL Students

Want to Get Your CDL?

ProDriverU provides comprehensive online ELDT CDL training program for schools and students:

  • Meets federal ELDT Theory Requirements
  • Complete Program for Students Who Want a CDL
  • Includes all Required Knowledge Topics
  • Automated Testing and Record-Keeping
  • Complete Training Fast and Get Your ELDT Certificate
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Self-Paced, Interactive and Easy to Learn
  • Class A, Class B, and Hazmat

ELDT CDL training does not need to be time-consuming, difficult or expensive. 

If you want a CDL, the ProDriverU Learning Management System is an easy way to complete the required DOT training standards for CDL theory.  You will be amazed at how all the topics are easy to understand, and have diagrams, videos and photos that make learning really effective.  It is simple to get started, so let’s hit the road!

What is Included in the ELDT Courses?

ProDriverU ELDT courses are designed to meet all of the federal ELDT theory training topics for individuals who want to get their Class A or Class B CDL, upgrade from a B to an A, or get a Hazmat endorsement.  The ELDT courses are required for anyone who seeks a CDL.  Depending on the course you take, you will cover subjects from the topics listed below. All topics for your course must be completed in order to obtain a CDL.  Once the course is completed, ProDriverU will issue a certificate of completion for your records.   An 80% grade is required by DOT to complete the theory ELDT course. 

You will receive training in the following ELDT Course Topics (if applicable):

Basic Operation

  • Orientation
  • Control Systems /Dashboard
  • Pre – Post Trip Inspections
  • Basic Control
  • Shifting/Operating Transmissions
  • Backing and Docking
  • Coupling and Uncoupling

Safe Operating Procedures

  • Visual Search
  • Communication
  • Distracted Driving
  • Speed Management
  • Space Management
  • Night Operations
  • Extreme Driving Conditions

Advance Operating Practices

  • Hazard Perception
  • Skid Control/Recovery, Jackknifing, and other Emergencies
  • Railroad Crossings

Vehicle Systems

  • Identifying and Diagnosis of Malfunctions
  • Roadside Inspections
  • Maintenance

Non-Driving Activities

  • Handling and Documenting Cargo
  • Environmental Compliance Issues
  • Hours of Service Requirements
  • Fatigue and Wellness Awareness 
  • Post-Crash Procedures 
  • External communications
  • Whistleblower
  • Trip Planning
  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Medical Requirements
  • Human Trafficking

What Does the ELDT Course Cost?

Pricing varies based on the course selected.  The cost includes up to 90 days of use of ProDriverU, access to all ELDT topics, tracking of course completion and grades, and a copy of the certificate upon completion.

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